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Here is a quick checklist of what needs to be done to create a new release of shop:


Run the test suite, and ensure sure all tests pass. Complete a test order to see that everything is fine for the user.

Generate Change Log

Create change logs since last tag:

cd shop
#New stuff
git log --pretty=format:" * %s" --since="$(git show -s --format=%ad `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)" --grep='^enhance\|^new\|^added' -i
#API changes
git log --pretty=format:" * %s" --since="$(git show -s --format=%ad `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)" --grep='^api'  -i
#Bug fixes
git log --pretty=format:" * %s" --since="$(git show -s --format=%ad `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)" --grep='^bug\|^fix' -i

Copy output into change log.


Version numbering will try to follow Semantic Versioning as best as possible. Releases will exist as tags in git.

Create git tag

cd shop
git tag -a [version]
git push --tags

Update Installer

Update installer, create zip, and save to downloads

Make any changes, commit, push.

cd shopinstaller
zip -9 -r ../ . -x '.git/*' '*.git/*' 'sapphire/docs/*' '.gitignore' '.gitmodules' '.project' '.buildpath' '.settings/*' 'assets/*'

Upload to github

Update sites


Include some release commentary, highlights of main big changes. Include a link to upgrading docs.