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Shop Prices

You may want to create more complex pricing calculations than product x quantity. Infact you may have very complex price calculation requirements.

There are many monetary values to consider in a shop system. This page aims to list and explain them.


Multiple prices can be displayed on a product page, these may include:

  • Original price
  • Variation price
  • Recommended retail price
  • Discounted price
    • temporary reduction
    • 'your' group discount
  • Discount amount (total savings)
  • Tax inclusive or exclusive price
  • Currency-converted price
  • Name/choose your price

Store owners may also want to keep track of product cost price so that total revenue/income can be calculated.

Order Items

  • Multi-dimension calculation - eg selling square / volume areas
  • Discount coupon - enter a voucher, coupon, gift code
  • Tiered pricing - ie bulk discounts based on quantities

See also: DiscountModule


  • Items Subtotal
  • Discounts - coupons, credit notes
  • Shipping, handling
  • Tax
  • Grand Total


  • Amount

Automatically applying mass reductions

Trigger reductions to occur on a cateogry / set of products during a specific period.


Values are rounded to two decimal places using the default php round function, which uses the 'round half up' mode by default.

The Currency db field only allows storing up to two decimal values.