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This tutorial explains start-to-finish how to set up an online shop with the SilverStripe shop module. If you are upgrading your shop, see Upgrading.


Follow the standard SilverStripe installation guide to get a SilverStripe website set up.

Install Shop

Install the shop module.

Shipping and Tax


Set up your payment provider, so customers can make online payments.

Automated Tasks

Add some automated tasks to handle some things automatically for you.

Bulk Loading Products

Products can be bulk loaded, saving time on larger websites.

Testing / Development Environment

Useful development tools are accessible via [yoursite]/dev/shop.


If you are wanting to use a debugger tool, you'll probably need to make sure you have an index.php file, which can be found in the SilverStripe installer. Point your debugger to use index.php, as it likely wont be able to handle using htaccess configurations.


To catch local emails, you either need to set up a local dummy SMTP server, or...

  • Windows - you can run the "Antix SMTP Server For Developers", and open the emails in your preferred email client.
  • Linux,Mac - pipe emails to a custom php script, such as this one.