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Customise Address Fields and Display

You may want to store and display extra details for an Address

Address Model DB Fields and form fields with a Decorator

In [mysite]/code/ExtendedAddress.php

class ExtendedAddress extends DataExtension{
    * Add Company, Suburb, and Fax to Address data model
    private static $db = array(
        'Company' => 'Varchar',
        'Suburb' => 'Varchar',
        'Fax' => 'Varchar'

    function updateFormFields(FieldList $fields,$nameprefix = ""){
        $fields->insertBefore(new TextField($nameprefix.'Suburb',"Suburb"),$nameprefix.'City');
        $fields->insertAfter(new TextField($nameprefix.'Fax',"Fax"),$nameprefix.'Phone');
        $fields->insertFirst(new TextField($nameprefix.'Company',"Company"));

To your _config.php file, add:


Address Template

Make a copy of shop/templates/Includes/, and put this copy into your templates/Includes/ folder, either in mysite or a theme folder.

Add new data fields, as desired:

<% if Company %>$Company<br/><% end_if %>
<% if Suburb %>$Suburb<br/><% end_if %>
<% if Fax %>$Fax<% end_if %>